People Powered Homes (PPH) is the wholly owned subsidiary of Leeds Community Homes (LCH). PPH is a non charitable company which undertakes the enabler hub, consultancy and development functions of the LCH group, as well as movement growing and advocacy. 

People Powered Homes is the Community Led Housing enabler Hub for West & South Yorkshire, supporting groups through the process of creating the homes that their communities need.

We help support movement building by national and local policy work and networking, to create and support an environment which leads to more community led housing (CLH). 


A people powered movement that enables the creation of the homes that communities need. 


To enable more community-led, sustainable, affordable homes in West and South Yorkshire.


  • Community-led: We get behind people to help them to create affordable, sustainable homes
  • Enterprising: We bring creativity and a can-do approach to tackling one of the defining social issues of our time
  • Co-operative: We work collaboratively across the region with people who share our vision 


  • Support other people and organisations to create and improve Community-led Housing (CLH)
  • Help build resilient communities through CLH
  • Develop and implement a self-sustaining business 
  • Through community share offers and other means, help raise finance for CLH 
  • Promote PPH and the benefits of a community-led approach to creating and improving housing 
  • Enable the participation of people in communities and beyond regarding how to create housing which makes for better places to live, for all of us
  • Work at a strategic level, locally and nationally, to facilitate the development of the CLH movement