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Same Skies

The Regional Democracy Think Tank for West Yorkshire. Same Skies is the citizen-led regional democracy network and think tank for West Yorkshire 

They encourage and facilitate the active participation of all residents in West Yorkshire’s regional democracy, no matter where they or their families were born.

Steve Hoey and Claude Hendrickson wrote the chapter on Community Led Housing for the AMPlify West Yorkshire Alternative manifesto for the West Yorkshire Mayor

Tracy Brabin, West Yorkshire Mayor Housing housing pledges for the  region.

Community Land Trust Network

CLTN lead a movement working for a community land trust in every community that wants one.

They are mainstreaming the community ownership of affordable housing and land in public policy and market practice. Steve is on the board for the Community Land Trust Network and PPH is a member of the network.

Climate Action Leeds

People Powered Homes has been appointed the Housing transition partner for the Climate Action Leeds project and we are looking forward to working with the other partners involved to help promote climate action within the community led housing sector.

Climate Action Leeds is a five-year programme of climate action in Leeds. Funded by the National Lottery and set up in 2020, it is made up of five partner organisations.Voluntary Action Leeds, Leeds Love it Share It, Our Future Leeds, Together for Peace & Leeds TIDAL. Climate Action Leeds aims to create a zero-carbon, nature friendly, socially just Leeds. We want to do this by:

  • setting up climate action hubs in communities and the city centre, 
  • creating a broad city plan based around the idea of Doughnut Economics, 
  • running a training and learning programme, and 
  • working with transition partners in key sector and campaign areas including food, housing, energy, transport, work, youth education, nature and climate justice.

Visit the Climate Action Leeds Website