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How does our support work?

Step 1 : Health Check

The first step is to complete our online Health Check Questionnaire this will help us to see where you are up to and what support and help you might need.

Your answers identify the areas you’ll need to work on and will help us see whether or not we can help you. We may also signpost you to other potential sources of help and support.

Step 2 : Get Clear and Ready

The next stage will be for your group to get really clear and ready about what you want to achieve and what you want to do. This will involve having a clear vision for your scheme, knowing what governance arrangements, legal and ownership structure you want, and good group development.

Our Get clear and ready checklist goes through all the things you need to cover at this stage. We may be able to help. To start there’s a foundation workshop. We can also link you to or directly help you with other specific topic workshops and access to loads of resources. We will identify and help groups we are working with apply for possible sources of funding.

Step 3 : Develop the Brief

In stage 3, we can work with some groups on their actual brief or plan, right up to full business plan, design, financing and planning permission. Our support at this stage can include direct help and advice, writing documents and plans, working on costings and the practical aspects of your brief, group work, training and workshops, project management.

Step 4 : Make it Happen

This is the actual building stage.

Step 5 : Live it!

We can also provide ongoing support and services once a scheme if built.There’s more info about each of these stages and what support and help we might be able to provide in our Support Journey handout.