The Community Land Trust Network are urging CLT’s to write to their MP’s about the Community Housing Fund. “The CHF has been a big success to date, but many groups still need funding. Michael Gove MP, Secretary of State, and Stuart Andrew MP, Housing Minister, now have a decision to make by the end of March. They can include the CHF renewal in their departmental budget for 2022-25. We know they support the CHF in principle. But they need to put their money behind it, with a full £53 million – plus flexibility on tenures in the Affordable Homes Programme. See more about the CLT Network campaign here.”

We know that what has pushed CHF renewal over the line in the past has been ministers receiving letters from MPs, prompted by CLTs. If your CLT has not written to your MP about renewing the CHF in the past couple of years. The CLT Network would greatly appreciate your help to get the CHF renewed. Write to your MP today asking them to lobby the Secretary of State on your behalf.